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Delivery In USA

United States Delivery Time-Frame for Regular Orders: 8 – 10 Days Maximum

EMS Delivery Time 5-6 Days Maximum

OverNight Delivery Time 36-48 Hours Maximum

Status 1:- Payment Confirmation & Processing (24 Hours)

We send payment confirmation email and start to process your order.

Status 2:- Labelling & Shipping ( 24 Hours )

We send tracking number to your registered email. You will see the following tracking screen for your order:

*Please note, the status remains as this until the package lands on US shores.

Status 3:- In-Transit (24 Hours)

Customers can track their order transit history, as shown below:

*Usual process is for it to go to the Customs facility for standard import checks, then to the distribution facility, then on to the local PO for delivery.

Status 4:- Delivered

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